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Domenica Newell-Amato, PhD

Domenica Newell-Amato, PhD

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Fine-tuned conceptualization & Editing of your content

Content Editing Lab is for

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  • Writers seeking copyediting, proofreading, and formatting

  • Professionals looking for elegant website content creation

Editing of your content for distribution

Every writer needs an editor: someone who can significantly improve the verbal flow and impact of your writing and who is trained in the science of grammar and house styles. So leave the fine-tooth comb to me. With my PhD in French literature (Emory), Professional Sequence in Editing (UC Berkeley Extension), and dynamic experience as an independent editor and as a former language professor, I have the skills to discern and ensure the finest version of your content. With strong attention to detail, I scan each line for correct usage, mechanics, spelling, and punctuation, checking for clarity of ideas, consistency in voice, and proper formatting throughout. I work efficiently to deliver clean, concise, stylized content. 

Creation of your Content for web presence

For elegant content for your website, I listen, research, and translate what you do into words. I design websites and website content that give the perfect tone and depth to your web presence. Because I have studied and am well-versed in digital marketing, I offer creative ideas and feedback to enhance your profile.


I enjoy editing and formatting dissertations and journal articles in many fields. My research & publication record is in French literature and Postcolonial Studies, and more broadly, the Arts and Humanities. I have a publication record in print, video, and web. I have created websites for therapists and designers, translated scholarly French books and documents into English for publication, and connected my love for language and literature to the line-editing work I do every day. My interests are art, cultural history, world religions, yoga, food, travel, and wellness. My first editing job, technically speaking, was editing the menu of our family's Italian restaurant—and the joy I found in correcting food spellings has not diminished in the years since! If your content needs inspiration, development, formatting, or proofreading, I am your type-woman.


Content Editing Lab is keenly aware that editing is a science of precision that requires not only an eye for detail but also professional training. From consult to delivery, I am highly responsive, communicating regularly with clients to assure trust in both the level and stages of editing. Light editing begins with attention to punctuation, grammar, mechanics, usage, factual consistency, and so on. Heavier editing may involve contextualizing ideas or giving a more in-depth perspective to your field. All levels of editing ensure consistency of terms, treatment of numbers, and formatting with a style sheet that is tailored to your project. As an editor who is experienced in research, I proofread efficiently and gain familiarity with your field, including its vocabulary and tone. You can expect clear communication and timeliness.


You may refer to the rates listed by Editorial Freelancers Association. Rates for projects may vary according to the nature of the assignment, the time frame, and any special research. Contact me for a free consultation.


With years of professional training and experience presenting complex ideas as a professor, published scholar, and presenter, I promise grammatically correct copy and fitting structure and tone.


Editing & writing Work (2008-present)

Editing and research support for doctoral dissertations, journal articles, and reviews
Writing web content and designing layout of websites for individuals, universities, and businesses
Publishing research in peer-reviewed journal and international book series
Line-by-line editing for book manuscript and articles
Editing blog posts and managing site for local writers
Editing for ESL scholars
Editing booklets on local history, including an instruction manual for a published historical board game
Drafting appeal letters, personal statements, blog posts
Editing cover letters, newsletters, resumes
Writing successful grants for travel, research, and faculty development
Editing university papers, evaluating honors papers, and teaching writing-intensive topic courses
Teaching literature, writing, grammar, and languages at universities
Interviewing experts in Public Health, Medicine, Art, and Business
Creating, editing, and publishing documentary short in an international journal
Scriptwriting for video content of multimedia Italian textbook
Translation French-English for authors and researchers
Writing business brochures and restaurant menus

professional development

PhD, French Literature, Emory University (2009)
Professional Sequence in Editing, UC Berkeley Extension (Spring 2019)
Member of American Copy Editors Society (ACES)
Member of Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)

PRint publications

Book Chapter in Ottoman Empire and European Theatre Vol. IV: Images of the Harem in Literature and Theatre: "Of African Monsters and Eunuchs: Colonial Fashioning within the Harem of Racine’s Bajazet." Vienna: Hollitzer, 2015

Journal Article: “Que dit ce silence? Strange Reversals of Imperial Discourses in Racine’s Bérénice
French Review, Vol. 87.3 (March 2014)

Journal article in collaboration with Ruth Parker, Labrecque, C., Messler, J., & Wolf, M.  “Communicating through the Arts: Lessons for Medicine & Public Health.” Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives, Vol. 18, no.2

Video publications

Communicating Through the Arts: Lessons for Public Health and Medicine. Published as supplementary content in Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives, Vol. 18, no.2 (2013)

Designed cultural and linguistic video content of multimedia textbook, Italian Virtual Class (2011 & 2013)

Learning to Speak in Other Cultures: An EIU Documentary on Adventures Abroad, screened as part of the EIU Humanities Series on Meaningful Work (March 2011)

sampling of research presentations, art institutes & international conferences

Invited talk at Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute. “Classical to Can Can.” Presentation on the history of the musical composers of Belle Époque Paris and chamber music concert. In partnership with Summerland Music Society and with the Monet to Matisse: The Age of French Impressionists exhibit. Utica, NY. August  2015

Invited talk at Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute. “The French Connection: Where Art Meets Literature, Music, and Dance,” one-hour gallery talk in conjunction with the Monet to Matisse: The Age of French Impressionists exhibit. Utica, NY. July 2015

Invited speaker at “Music of the Belle Époque” chamber music concert. Presentation on the history of the musical composers of Belle Époque Paris. Summerland Music Society,  Glens Falls, NY. July 2014

“Dream Segments of Racine in Postcolonial Congo.” 20th- and 21st-Century French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium, Atlanta, GA. March 2013

“Teaching Humanities in the Digital Age.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association 2011 Conference, Durham, NC. November 2012

“French Classical Theatre Gets ‘Postcolonial’ in Linyekula’s Pour en finir avec Bérénice.” Northeast Modern Language Association conference, Rochester, NY. March 2012

“Italian Virtual Class: Bridging the Gap through Virtual Class and Virtual Colleagues.” American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Denver, CO. November 2011

“Virtual Colleagues: The Virtual Class Format.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference, Atlanta, GA. November 2011

“Sparking Interest in Language through Culture and Art.” Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Conference, Tinley Park, IL. October 2011

Presenter of La MUSICA deuxième, by Marguerite Duras, performed by Daniel Pettrow and Astrid Bas. Sponsored by the French Consulate of Atlanta, April 2009

“Dubbing and Doubling Identity in Racine’s Bérénice.” Society for Interdisciplinary French Seventeenth-Century Studies 2009 Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA. October 2009

TRAVEL design & Study abroad programs (2011-present)

Designing international travel itinerary & learning programs in Paris, Rome, Capri, and Sicily

Sample of writing (Article Published in The French REview):



I consulted Dr. Amato for the editing of my dissertation in Romance Languages. She formally edited my work, and competently understood the subject of my analysis and my needs. She was thus able to provide valuable advice for a better rendering of what I intended to say, and by the deadline that I had. The result of her work exceeded my expectations. I definitely recommend Dr. Amato for her linguistic competence and for her ability to listen to the needs of the author.

Dr. Daniela Cunico Dal Pra

Domenica Newell-Amato has worked for me as a translator and researcher for a biography of John Moses Browning to be published by Scribner, division of Simon & Schuster. 

  Her work finding and translating French-language Belgian archival and newspaper material from the late 19th and early 20th centuries has been done promptly, accurately, and intelligently. She always went the extra mile, or in this case the extra keystrokes.

I highly recommend her.”

- Nathan Gorenstein, author

Dr. Amato really helps you on the details and the big picture. I highly recommend her to help move your project out of the door, fast. She’s responsive to what you need, insightful, and hard-working. 100% satisfied with work she’s done on a variety of projects - from letters to polishing technical academic work.  I’ve found her work to be absolutely worth the price.

- Dr. Teresa Britton


MLA, APA, MHRA, Chicago, and Harvard style
Dissertation support
Website writing
Academic editing & writing
Critical writing
Research support
Rough manuscript editing
Structural editing
Stylistic editing
Translation French-English
Translation Italian-English

Excerpt from chapter on early modern Orientalism in French Classical theatre, published in an international book series.

Excerpt from chapter on early modern Orientalism in French Classical theatre, published in an international book series.

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" Writing is... a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don't want to make eye contact while doing it ." -John Green

"Writing is... a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don't want to make eye contact while doing it." -John Green



Writing Sample French
Je n’enseigne pas, je raconte / I do not teach, I narrate.
— Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592)


emory university

Ph.D. in French Literature
August 2009

Syracuse University

M.A. in French
May 2002


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